Windows of St Bedes - Resurrection

The Resurrection Window

Central to the window is the Easter lily, bursting through the outlined Cross. Together, the cross and lily depict the great truths of Easter – death and renewed life. The purple glass of the cross is marked with nails and thorns. At the base of the Easter lily, seed pods fall to the ground in order to germinate, and the cellular shapes behind the lily indicate new birth and growth

Ascending from the bottom of the window are the smoky verticals representing the industrial skyline of port Adelaide , and in particular the towers of Adelaide Brighton Cement. Across the stacks are angular shapes of clear beveled glass, creating the effect of the cement plant at night. Beneath the arms of the cross are shimmering of angels wings ascending to the glorious blue in the tracery. Here, the interplay of the different blue hues and clear jewel-like roundels is redolent of the heavenly vision and release from earthly pain. Winding across the whole top part of the window is the unwound ribbon of burial bandages left behind by the RESURRECTED LORD.

The window was designed and painted by Lindy Sando of Artglass and was made by her partner Vaughan Taylor, They are South Australian artists whose studio is at Kersbrook in the Adelaide Hills