Windows of St Bedes - Faith

John bollard and Henry Moritz December, 1911

The figure on the Window is the artistic depicition of the virtue of "FAITH". The Moritz Family was associated with the operation of Fort Glanville. The history of the fort is associated with St Bede's in other ways. Lady Lucy Jervois who was the wife of Gov WFD Jervois, who was a expert in fortification and was involved in construction of Fort Largs And also Glanville. Many parishioners were involved in this defence project . when her husband had been posted to New Zealand, she founded the Young Womens Angilican Society, Thier son W H H Jervois was a clergyman- the vicar of St Mary Magdalen Munster Sq London. And he was on the committee that published the 1906 English Hymnal

Saint Faith

Latin for (Sancta Fides, French Saint Foy, Spanish Saint Fe) is a saint who reportably lived in Gaul (now France) in the late 3 rd Century, called “Virgin and Martyr' in traditional lists of SAINTS.

A girl or young woman from Agen in Aquitaine , she was arrested during persecutions of Christians by the Roman Empire and refused to make a pagan sacrifices even under torture. Her death was sometimes said to occur around 287 or 290, also was said that her death may have occurred sometimes in the large-scale persecution under Diocletian beginning in 303.

After her death a number of legends grew up about her. In the year 866, her remains were relocated to Conques, which was along the pilgrimage route to Compostela.

Her feast day is October 6. It is now believed by many scholars that she is simply a misunderstanding of the expression "holy faith."