Windows of St Bedes - St Augustine

Rev Canon William Alexander Swan- Rector 1901-1918

Rev Canon who was the rector of St Bede's showed that he was enthusiastic for the passion of baptisum, for families in the Mission Hall at Mellor Pk His wifed "Lottie" died in June 28th1912. Lottie is the short term for Charolette. The burial Register shows that she was 49 yrs of age, And loved by her familiy, and friends

St Augustine was the First Archbishop of Canterbury, Apostle of the English, his date of birth is unknown however he died 26 May, 604.

Not much is known about his youth except that he was most likely a Roman of better class, and that, early in life, he become a monk in the famous monastery of St. Andrew, erected by St. Gregory, out of his own heritage on the Cælian Hill. It was religious intimacies of the Benedictine Rule, and in the bracing atmosphere of a recent foundation, that the character of the future missionary was formed., St. Augustine of Canterbury with St. Gregory are remembered in history as the "true beginners" of Christianity in England.

His feast day in the Roman calendar is kept on 28 May; but in the proper of the English office it occurs two days earlier, the true anniversary of his death.