Marriage Preparation

If you would like to be married at St. Bede's the first step is to meet with the parish priest.
You will then be required to participate in a marriage preparation course facilitated by Anglicare. This preparation involves a relatively small commitment in relation to preparing for a lifetime partnership. 

Marriage preparation courses are designed to strengthen and affirm relationships. No relationship is perfect. We are able to grow closer together and to learn how to love and be loved more fully. These courses aim to facilitate that through;

  • reminding you of the strengths of your relationships
  • developing areas that need work
  • teaching about managing conflict
  • improving communication skills
  • encouraging you to enjoy and bring out the best of one another

    For more information please contact :

    • The Rev. Ruth Mathieson
      Ph: 0408 353 781

    download the confirmation of marriage plans form


Wedding Arrangements

The Service

Ideally weddings are sacred occasions that are formal and meaningful, but relaxed. They are not meant to be performances, but occasions to be enjoyed by everyone, especially the bride and groom! The service is usually between 30 - 45 minutes. The form of service is from the current Australian Anglican prayer book and can be adapted. You will be given a copy to go through and discuss with the priest. Couples usually print off orders of the service for guests, either:

  • the whole service or
  • only the parts that everyone says, with the section headings
    Please show the priest a draft copy before printing!


The Church may be able to provide a musician for a fee or suggest other musicians such as a vocal soloist, pianist, guitarist, or string quartet. Other music is optional.


Readings usually include one from the bible, but you may have more. Readings from other sources (e.g. contemporary, Shakespeare, a poem) can be used as well, as long as they convey an appropriate message.

Pew decorations

Are fine, but no pins, blue tack, sticky tape thanks.


Flowers as prepared for Sunday services at St. Bede's are provided at no cost. If you would like to include additional flowers please contact the Parish Office, at least a month prior to your wedding. Parish Office phone number is 8449 5064

The flowers are arranged by volunteers. A fee of $150 covers the cost of buying the flowers. The arrangement usually include two large urns placed at front of Church.


Please ask your guests not to use confetti. Rose petals are fine.


This is usually the Thursday prior to wedding around 6.00 pm.

Administrative Matters

All legal paperwork is organised for you.

Notice of Intention of Marriage (Blue) form

It is a legal requirement that this form must be signed and witnessed by the priest  between 3 months and 1 month  prior to the wedding.

Birth Certificates

It is a legal requirement that these must be sighted by the priest before the wedding.  Extracts are not legally acceptable.

Hall hire for a Reception

See our Hall Hire page for details of hall and hiring costs.

Summary of Costs

The cost is $600, which covers the church and priests' fee. Fees are to be paid in cash at the rehearsal. The church is booked for a wedding upon receipt of a deposit of  $100

Flowers [optional] $150

Cheques can be made out to "The Anglican Church of Semaphore"
(Note these fees are current in January 2006 and subject to change)

Changing your name?

For legal requirements see -