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Extracts from the Morning Star
PARISH PEOPLE by Eileen Mary Kay - Dec/Jan 1992/93 Issue

Eileen's parents were married at St Bede's. She was baptised here, and prepared for Confirmation here. She married "Putty" Kay at St Bede's in 1941, and their son, Brian, was baptised here. It's hard to imagine anyone with as long a link with the parish. These days, Eileen is a regular worshipper at the Wednesday morning service. She provides the Earl Grey tea bags for our Cuppa, and always has a new joke to tell. "I used to be a lady. Now that I'm an old lady, I'm not so lady-like anymore" explains Eileen with a wicked sparkle in her eye as she begins another of her "stories". Eileen lives in a lovely home unit at Grange and tends her flowers and plants with plenty of tender loving care. She has always loved flowers, and for many years was involved in arranging floral displays for Sunday Services. She has been a keen contributor to Flower Festivals, not only with floral art, but also on the organ stool. For music has been and continues to be, one of the great pleasures of life. For over 20 years, Eileen has played the piano at St Margaret's Hospital for Sunday Services, and as well her musical skills have entertained many in local nursing homes. In spite of her arthritic fingers, Eileen can still conjure magical music from the piano.

Her favourite composer? There's not a moments pause as she begins to extol the virtues of Puccini, "my first and greatest musical love". And she has a special fondness for the handsome tenor, Placido Domingo. Eileen likes to think that her greatest contribution to the parish was her work in preparing and decorating the Centenary cake for the celebrations in 1979. But others of us know her greatest gift is a continuing love for God and all his people in this place.

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MY LIFE AT SEMAPHORE. A profile of Janet Sutherland
- Feb/March 1994 Issue

I was born in July 1942 at Henley Beach to Colin and Dora sutherland who had married at Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide, four years earlier. My father was serving in the AIF at the time and travelled by rail for several days from Queensland to see his first born. Unfortunately, I was 2 years of age before Dad came home permanently. Three years later my brother, Robert, was born. I have always lived at Semaphore (in the same house) and attended st Bede's Church from an early age. Aileen Salmon has told me that when she was a Sunday School teacher, she took her class to see a baptism, which happened to be mine. I was confirmed in 1954, a year which I consider a highlight of my life, that included my last year at LeFevre Peninsula Primary school, and being the leader of the school's hoop dance which performed with other South Australian schools for Her Majesty the Queen at the Wayville Showgrounds.

I attended Adelaide Technical High School where my uncles were students and gained my leaving commercial certificate. At this time, my dear mother was secretary of st Bede's Mothers Union and I often helped her with relative correspondence and minutes. Hence I feel I have been a member of Mothers Union for many years even though, I was only formerly admitted two years ago. In 1959, I commenced work at the ES & A Bank where I always worked in administration, mainly in the personnel field, which was most interesting. I retired from the resultant ANZ Banking Group in 1985. I was a Sunday School teacher for eight years including Superintendent for a time. During the 1960's when st Bede's GFS was temporarily revived, I was a leader.

In the past, my hobbies have been calisthenics and ballet dancing. For twenty two years I was a serving member of the St John Ambulance Brigade, where I met fellow parishioner, Nancy Fahey. Nancy and I have recently holidayed on the Gold Coast and Bali. Speaking of holidays, as most people know I was fortunate to win a trip to San Deigo, USA, to see the 1992 America's Cup. For over thirty two years, I have played competitive tennis and it was a thrill to play in a premiership team. I am a long-serving management committee member of the Port Adelaide Tennis Club. I gain enormous pleasure from seeing my three beautiful nieces grow up.

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