Soul Food

Soul Food was a joint initiative with Sarah's Sister's Sustainable Café. It supported
the bringing together of Community and Spirituality, but has now been replaced by
further community ventures.

"Soul Food" is a venture in community building and strengthening the soul. My Polish mother says "Every meal is sacred", meaning every meal is an opportunity for thanksgiving, for being mindful and appreciative for the food we can enjoy, share and delight in. Every meal is a time for nourishing the body and soul. For me, church should be like a good restaurant. Our whole being is inspired thriugh the senses through good food, music, art, stimulating company, conversation and laughter. Once I discover a good restaurant I tell my friends about it, I can't wait to go back. Every meal is rich experience, leaving me feeling more connected to the world. This is what it's like to eat at Sarah's Sister's.

Ideally, church is an experience of sacred drama, where we honour the realities of our lives, our joys and grief. Our lives and our hearts are transformed through opening ourselves in a reflective space, where we are provoked about issues of healing, inclusivity, social justice, friendship, prayer, and the exploration of power relations.

Semaphore is a fabulous suburb with access to the beauty of the coast, still relatively low key, with the mainstreet being very much a hub for community life. "Soul Food" is about exploring issues of what we grow, eat, recycle, what we listen to, what we look at, how we use and share our resources, how we nurture our spirits individually and collectively. Most importantly "Soul Food" is about the pleasure of food and the inspiration of creative connections. Come taste, partake and be fed!

Ali Wurm, Angican priest at St Bede's Semaphore.